Driving to work this morning I noticed the sun leaning towards the southern sky. Winter is coming.

Where will we be on the other side of the sun? According to the news, a beast has woke and is devouring the light.

Though my interactions day to day are much more pleasant.

What kind of threat are we faced with today? Is it any more vicious than the threat we faced yesterday?

Nothing happened yesterday. Is the evil that exist truly there? I have witnessed evil but, was it self-inflicted?

Are you afraid to express yourself because of what others might think?

What if the ones you fear don’t care what you are?

All they want is a target, it matters not what you say or do, they will oppose.

That’s the evil I fear. That’s the easiest fear to face.

Do we live in a world where no one will ever be right?

If nobody’s ever right then nobody’s ever wrong.

Those who stand on a value and believe that their cause is just, then choose to hate those that oppose. Is that evil?

From the view of their opposition maybe it is.

Does the opposition realize the ones they confront consider them to be the evil?

Is this not how wars start? The media would say, “What sells the most commercials?”.

The Naïve feast on the scraps thrown in the dog bowl.

Self-accountability goes a long way. What have I done to make the world better? Am I fair? Has my mind been made up before given the opportunity to think? Do my instincts lie?

What if the darkness that consumes the light is fabricated? An attempt to control a population. A shrewd endeavor to keep us at odds, to be afraid to of acceptance?

What if we were accepting? Would chaos ensue or harmony succeed?

Are we weak if we accept? Wouldn’t acceptance make us strong? Who wants us weak?